Rain Is a Pain

Dubai, "damn it’s too hot down there". Well this could be the most of you guys' impression when thinking about Dubai. Even before I arrived here my guess was the same and I was right. To admit, in summer it’s extremely hot. Without an A/C cannot survive in the heat.

When winter arrives, hot and aggressive Dubai weather starts to calm down. Everyone was so happy with the cold weather until last week. Weather agony is still continuing in Dubai. Not with the hot or cold weather but this time with something unusual. “RAIN” Yep Rain I said it correctly.

Things began to get worse from last Monday. Storm sweept across country with heavy rain continue with floods all around. People stuck in traffic jams for hours, roads, shops and houses flooded thanks to the Dubai drain system. (I guess even the relevant authorities didn’t expect heavy rains like this. Not even a single rain I guess).

Well all these drama reminds me back home, Sri Lanka where I always love to live my life. Nice and sunny days / cool and cozy nights / Rain (of course almost every month).

Damn I miss it so much . . .

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