Journey To Under Constructions

One of our colleagues (of course he‘s a Sri Lankan) told us to visit Dubai Marina. As in his own words

“Machan that place is really really nice. You should visit there once machan. There’s a nice water front also. Lots of boats you can see machan really nice. I went there once with my friend machan. Just get the X25 bus and get down in the last stop machan. So easy to go machan, plenty of buses available.”

Well yeah he’s right plenty of buses available, but too crowded. After 1 ½ hours journey we finally arrived the Dubai Marina. Well it’s so beautiful (definitely after few months or so and after completing all the constructions etc)

Did he go somewhere else or did we go somewhere else?

Anyway I managed to capture some of the beauty of Dubai Marina. Hope you all will enjoy it for the time being. I guess this place is going to be one of the best attractions in Dubai. (Of course after completing all the projects currently under way)

Note: “Machan” is the Sinhalese word for “Mate” (its kind of a slang). Most of the times when we talk with buddies we use the word machan. It’s not intended to use that often. But it just comes out. Don’t ask me why ok?


  1. your photos have so much vibrance... you have really captureed the lights and colors:)
    they are beautiful!

  2. These photos are really fantastic. Beautiful!

  3. i have seen ur photos from da day u bought the camera,
    u have improved a lot for this short period of time
    u r really a quick learner
    u can go a long way in this field
    keep it up

  4. Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments. I really appreciate your honest feedbacks.

    I hope that I can take more cool photos so that I can share with you guys........... :)