Understanding The "Choka Bailla"

Two weeks back we played a friendly Cricket match, which was one of the rare invitations we get this part of the world. I know what comes next to your mind; did we win the match isn’t it? Yep your guess is right we lost the match. :D

It’s true our full team was not there for the game (some players went back home for vacations and some couldn’t participate due to family commitments. We should excuse the poor guys you know :) Anyway since it’s a friendly match there was some extra condition we agreed to apply to the game (not the T20 rules). But just to leave the LBW decisions out of the contest. (Anyway we knew our opposition had lots of problems with LBW decisions previously)

But still we are struggling to figure out whether actually we played a cricket match or some other game. Their whole team batted totally covering the wickets and all of our bowlers had a hard time to find where to ball. Anyway we learned few lessons this time.

1. Always stick to the rules which have formed by the ICC. Those rules are there for
a good reason.
2. Even if it’s a friendly request do consider the impact it could cause.
3. Never under estimate your opposition.
4. Always be ready to face the unexpected.
5. Glucose is something that never helps you to get your energy back in 5 min’s

After the match there was a small presentation and a speech. In that speech speaker said this word “ Choka Bailla”. I have heard this word couple of times back home by one of the politicians. He used this word more often pointing to something and says it’s a “Choka Bailla”.

Does anyone (any Sri Lankan friends) knows the real meaning of this word? If you know please leave a comment here. That word is so funny and we all had a good time remembering that speech after the match. (And still it continues lol)

Come join us and have a “Choka Bailla” time . . .

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