Hanging By The Moment

Yesterday we all went to a Sinhala & Hindu New Year festival which was held at “Safa Park”. Well it was an event full day (more on that in a later post). Anyway after the much needed lunch we all sat under a tree to cool off ourselves. At that time I noticed “Creeper” hanging by a tree, as usual I thought to take few shots and see how it will look.

My friend Yohan as always gave the encouraging comment on what I was doing. “This bugger now can not leave anything alone. Starts shooting from top to bottom what ever he see. Is this guy crazy or what?”

Yes people I’m crazy and will shoot everything that I come across….. BEWARE!!!! :D


  1. first three pics really got the aesthetic touch and those were taken in a highly creative manner. i saw this bladdy creeper with my own eyes, but never thought it will appear like this.if some drops of water was present, one wold easily be deceived this is in a rain forest(assume u ppl can't make out plants too like me).
    by the way, believe me or not this in desert.
    so keep it up man,i ll give u da desperately needed encouraging tap as usual.

  2. Nice shots man. Keep up da thing.
    BTW when u r publishing ur pic, better to put one pic from one object. You know wut I mean right? Put the best shot. Thats better than showing all the shots u got. This is so important such as cropping ur pic before publishing.
    Oh…. and now Im in Canada man. So u better watch out for nice shots from me also… he he ….

  3. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the comments and of course for the advices. It’s good that you pointing out my mistakes. Well I will keep all the advices on my mind when I’m posting hereafter.

    Hey Madhawa cool mate. Looking forward to see all the cool pic’s from you.