Center Of Attention

Anjana Gunawardena
adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. perfect...both snap and the caption!

  2. A unique vista, with contrasting tones. This is an awesome example for perspective art too. And about those two blocks.. I think they might be haunted.. for real! =D

  3. Is there any special technique used to take this picture? Or is it just your talent?

  4. Wonderful capture machan! Love the way the lines flow within the frame and how the color of the bright sky contrast with the buildings.
    Great shot!

  5. @MD: Thanks

    @Harumi: Thanks. I took this pic at “ Abewela Farm” and I don’t think it’s a haunted place :0

    @Paresh: No Paresh; I didn’t use any special technique. It’s a handheld shot with Aperture priority mode.

    @Mahasen: Thanks, Yeah it was a perfect day for photography :)

  6. Really? Can't tell it's a farm though. It must be the shadows and the tones of the buildings that give off a spooky vibe. =D


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