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  1. Hi! Wasn't it scary to click this snap? Understand that the beast is in the cage. But still. :P

  2. Since you mentioned I’m scared a bit now :)

    Actually there was no cage or fence around. But fortunately there was a deep watercourse surrounding its territory and I had my 200mm attached to the cam as well :D

  3. wow!so majestic!u even got the catchlight in the eye!!superb.

  4. Wow.. a close up of the king of the jungle..! Stunning photo. Strangely this one has a spotted skin like a leopard's, wonder if it's a hybrid.

  5. @MD : Thanks and Ya I noticed that. Light was not perfect that time but I guess it was enough to show the catch light.

    @Harumi : Thanks and Wow you have a great eye ha? ;) It’s a hybrid for sure. I just noticed there are some spots on his forehead as well. So it think it’s a leopons but not sure though :)

    check more on this here :

  6. what a strange looking lion - but a stunning photo!

  7. Hi mina,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for your comment.

    PS: I just had a glance through you blog. Wow! Wish I could travel around the world like you guys. :)

  8. This is awesome. The colours have come out to show the lion clearly. Greater than what we saw with the naked eye.