adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    I got few more shots in my bag and I couldn’t resists without posting them anyway :)


ah!scary!!how did you take this?usually the reflection on the glass interferes with the quality of the snap.

Harumi said...

Would've made a great poster for the next Jaws movie, if they're planning for another sequel. =D

Awesome capture! Was this a real one or a stuffed one? I mean how did you get this shark to pose like that? =D

Wow! You aim for no one less than Spielberg.:-)

Wow! Excellent imagery from capture to post production machan!
Love this!

Anjana said...

@MD : I didn’t fire the flash in any of the aquarium shots and I guess that’s the secret for no/less reflections. I did a bit of tweaking in Photoshop to get more sharp details and the scary look :)

@Harumi: This is a real shark and I think I got lucky to be there when he gave this pose :D

@Paresh : Spielberg ? hehe anyway thanks buddy :)

@Mahasen : Thanks machan. I think it came pretty cool :)

PS: In case if you guys wondering where was I while taking this picture? Have a look HERE. No need to tell you about the fun I had been in the middle of a jammed packed tube ha? LOL

Harumi said...

That's cool. Lanka should have those oceanariums and travelators too, it'd boost tourism a lot.