Reopened Until Further Notice

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better viewSomething happened yesterday.

The reason I stopped blogging and few more online activities is just to get back to reading related to my work . (long story short) So I stepped in to this big bookshop here and walked towards the IT section. I didn’t put much of attention to the bookshelf’s that I’m passing by. Then all of a sudden I saw this light. This bright light (no no not as u think it was not white or gold) it’s more like rainbow colours and I just went blank cos it was too bright in the eye.

Then I remember; I stepped back and I stepped on something (which was not there half a sec ago) woofff! I went on 2 circles in the air and I collapsed with a huge bookshelf. I heard this grumbling of books all over me. In a min; when all the things came in to silent, I opened my eyes and I saw this book just over my chest (you will not believe me. It was just staying there few inches above my chest actually) and glowing (seriously).

That moment I knew; this is it! Its my fate! this is the book I should grab go home and read. So I did!. Now I’m reading the “Digital Photography Masterclass” by Tom Ang. :D

Believe me; I told the same thing to my wife and she believed it. I think you guys should do the same ... LOL

PS 1: Thank you all for the comments and concerns about the blog and me. FYI, I will be around and I’m doing just fine now thanks to the miracle happened yesterday :)

PS 2: So I gave up the thought of giving up my blog. But I will not post much till I read the book and put things in to practise. Ahh!! about the IT books :) Now I think I can squeeze few in as well. Now I got the start na ? LOL

Good to be back :)


  1. thats a unique story!glad to see u back.awaiting wonderful snaps...

  2. Thanks Paresh & MD. I'm happy to be back too :)

  3. That's like having a Harry Potter experience in a Muggle's bookstore. lol

    Welcome back! And good to hear your skills are gonna level up soon. ^__^