Alien Invasion

Aperture : f/5.6; Exposure : 1/50; ISO : 1600; Focal Length : 200mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. oh really?!
    spooky image.the catch light in the frog's eye adds to it.
    r u not going to work?u seem to be in the company of animals ,birds and reptiles these days.

  2. @MD
    Yeah it looks bit spooky ha? Hehe no I’m going to work and I’m doing perfectly all right =D

    Hmmm ya bit too much company with animals, fish and reptiles. Its kind a boring ha? lol. Ok! Let me change the subject then … =D

    Yes it’s a Pandoran creature …. LOL

    Note: But I guess we should get it confirm with Harumi. Bcos she’s the expert in this subject. But looks like she’s too busy these days ….. lol

  3. That creature is definitely ET. Cool lighting fx by the way, it makes the gecko (or the lizard, or the frog or w/e it is) looks like its wearing a metallic armor.

    And nope, can't ID its species.. but can tell for sure it's not a one from our planet in Andromeda. =D

  4. @Harumi
    Haha cool. Thanks a lot for the clarification.

    Btw it’s a tiny Frog =D