Catch Me If You Can

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    Identify the human face is this snap and enter the draw to win a grand prize =D (*terms and conditions apply)


  1. the reflection?is that you?not very clear,though.
    red,electric blue and mustard colour!so colourful.

  2. Can see the reflection of a portion of a face just about an inch or 2 above the eel. Stunning vivid colors!

    I should start saving up big time to get a super cool cam like this one. =D

  3. Where did you take it? Can't see any face other than some pinkish reflection.

  4. @ MD:


    Yes MD; there are few reflections but only one face is more visible. Nop it’s not me some boy as I can remember :)

    @ Harumi:

    Yeah I think you have seen the face and I know you have very sharp eyes … LOL

    Hmm ya it will be nice if you can save up and get your hands on a good cam. Anyway my cam is not a super cam either. It’s just an entry level cam and ya sure it give more options/controls to take the snaps.

    But I must warn you this is one of the most expensive hobbies that you can come across. I almost went bankrupt by investing on the cam and the lenses …. LOL

    @K :

    I took it at Dubai mall aquarium. If you look closely as mentioned by Harumi I guess you might get to see the face :)

  5. Yep, almost the sight of an eagle. lol Nah, my sight isn't anything special. I've only trained my eyes to observe every tiny detail of things I see, detached form one another at first, before seeing them as a whole. It's the same when I'm on the move or when I'm perfectly still.

    hehe.. it IS super compared to my humble phone cam. =D I did check out digi cam prices at a shop in Kandy and they had real cheap ones.. the lowest to be around 14K. There was even a 12MP Sony cam for 18K! Which sounds fishy for a brand new one. Gotta check from other dealers and compare prices.

    Ah nope, have no intention to become a pro level photographer. I just need to take pics with more resolution, quality and clarity.. without any sophisticated fx or lenses. Anyway thanks a lot for the tips. ^__^

  6. Hmm interesting! I should train my eyes then =D

    Around 18k you can get a good cam I guess. Cos recently I checked prices here and it came somewhere around 18k+ for good cam. Anyway if you let me know the cam you gonna buy I can have a look and give you my suggestions too (Only if you want to …lol).

    Hehe…. Same here I do photography as my hobby and I bought this cam just the take some good quality snaps only. To be a pro I don’t think so too =D

  7. I could see a face with big musta!!

  8. Really ? as I can remember it was a boy :)