Crocodile Tears

Aperture : f/8; Exposure : 1/100; ISO : 800; Focal Length : 174mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. This reminds of the Money & crocodile story. Why did you make B&W?

  2. I took this shot through a glass. Because of that color was blown out a bit of the crocodile and background was bit too bright as well. By converting to B&W I managed to get the more highlights on the subject.

    You prefer the colored picture?

  3. Not a pretty sight but a great photo!

  4. good that u made it b&w,it looks mellow.
    did it really cry on seeing you? ;-)

  5. @K:
    Thanks. I think he’s so cute. Look at that pretty face..=D

    Cool. No this is just before he saw me. Then he fell in to the water because he couldn’t stop laughing …. LOL

  6. face is pretty,but look at those teeth!
    congrats,u made him laugh!

  7. That glare says it all.. 'eye for an eye!' lol So cool to encounter a one that close. Did you increase the contrast a lot? Cuz it almost looks like a pen art (sketch).

    By the way it'd be greatta see a colored version too.. if possible.

  8. @MD :
    Yeah! I wanted to capture its mouth while it’s open. But I was not lucky that day.

    Yes. I did play in PS to get the scary look. As your request you can find the colored pic here. Even in this I adjusted the contrast cos the original pic was too dull for me :D