From Neptune

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    We always talk about the Mars. Here is something for a change =D


  1. You are good with words as you're with your Camera.:-)

  2. fish?how come!really looks like a snap of the galaxy.explain how u took this snap,plz.

  3. 2 jelly fish? their tentacles look almost obscure. That's a beautiful blue. An alien from Neptune no doubt. =D

  4. @ Paresh : Ohh really? Thanks buddy. Good to know that

    @MD : Well; I used high ISO (1600) and slow shutter speed for this since light was very low at the scene. You can see very high noise in the pic due to that and I think it gave this galaxy touch to the snap as well. This nice blue color; it came from the lights under the tank.

    Again no other trick than I choose the angle to get one Jellyfish out of focus in the background.

    @Harumi: Yep 2 Jellyfish :) . Even I think that the pic came way better than I expected =D

  5. This reminds me seeing jelly fish at Bolgoda Lake.