God's Eye?

Anjana Gunawardena
Aperture : f/22; Exposure : 1/320; ISO : 100; Focal Length : 28mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. Could be the Eye of Sauron. ;)
    Awesome picture..fabulous!

  2. Dear! You're blessed with His vision.

  3. yeah,good imagination!beautiful snap.thanks for the exif,otherwise i'd have asked you :-)

  4. Geez.. something's really wrong with my browser. -__- This is like the 4th or 5th time am trying to reply.. and the page gets frozen every time I click 'post comment'. -__- Hope it works this time, if not, I give up. lol

    Anyway excellent capture! The scenery is stunning and that shape's a perfect eye.

  5. @K :
    Thanks for the link. Ya it could be the Eye of Sauron .. lol

    @Mahasen :
    Thanks machan.

    @Paresh :
    Thanks a lot.

    @MD :
    Thanks, I knew you gonna ask that … lol

    @Harumi :
    Hard work finally paid off ha?

    PS(to all) :
    Did anyone notice the face in this pic? He’s looking straight at the sun. Should warn him to wear a sunglass :D


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