adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    Note : Wear it at your own risk =D


  1. It looks like a crash helmet to me :D

  2. Wow.. just the design I've been looking for.. too bad it's a jelly fish. -__-

    Great capture. Can see its toxic veins clearly.

  3. @rainfield61

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment.


    Hmm its looks more like a ladies hat to me. But it will obviously crash … you know what I mean ha? LOL



    I thought Martians are used to toxic kind a things … =D

  4. Did you just call me a Martian? O__O lol

    It's not me, it's Rain (rainfield61) who's related to Martians. Me hails from Andromeda. ^__^

  5. Hehe Ya.

    I can remember in your profile previously you have mentioned that you are from Mars etc.

    When did you change the residency of your Galaxy? lol

  6. oh that.. was about my temporary hideout. Am on a secret mission so can't disclose my locations explicitly. =D

  7. Ohh! that means this is not your real name either? :D

    Hope you can accomplish your secret mission very soon then… lol

  8. who wants an itchy hat?but looks so cute.


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