I Have Found My Missing Piece

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    I’m happy. Hope you too. XOXO =D


  1. Is this a photograph or digital art?

  2. It’s total photography Paresh.

    That’s the reflection you see on the top. If you look in to a tank from the bottom you will see what I have captured here.

  3. That sleek and slippery look makes it look like an eel.. but the top rectangular head makes it look like a broken phone wire. =D

    It's like your photographs are reaching a level beyond reality. Amazing skills!

  4. Harumi : I know you always think way better than me (anyone would say that if they visit your blog ;). I never saw it as a broken phone wire until now =D

    Hey thanks a lot. I like to improve my skills more and more. But where I’m located at the moment is not the ideal place for good photo opportunities. So I’m eagerly waiting till I get back to Sri Lanka (hopefully within next 2-3 months time : D). Then I can join with you guys and show the beauty of our motherland to the world =D.

  5. snake,right?looks like a fineart the electric blue background.i know srilanka is a beautiful place.seen the snaps of the monasteries ,monks and the greenery.awaiting true srilankan of my friends is married to a srilankan.

  6. hehe.. I always think too much.. is what my mom complains all the time. =D

    oh and.. I doubt the part about not having good photo opportunities. Aren't you living in a place where they strive to be the world's best or number 1 in everything? Like the tallest building, tallest hotel, the biggest man made islands, and recently I saw they're planning to build all 7 wonders in one single resort!

    Plus if you climb up the tallest building out there you'd even see that Earth's round and not square! I saw some photos of it on a email forwarding.. might've been a chilling experience for those who are building its spire and the antenna. -__- And you still say there's no opportunities? lol

  7. @MD;

    It’s an eel. Yeah I like the blue as well.

    Yep sure it is. It’s a paradise island. Sure I will post snaps (hope I can take nice pics 1st :) about my beautiful country.


    Hmm yeah I’m living in a place most of the things said to be number 1 alright =D. But for me I don’t see anything to photograph in it. It’s all manmade and all looks somewhat same to me :D

    Another reason is you can’t snap everything you see here. There are cases that people ended up in jail because just taking snaps. Even I had to delete all my pic’s once. Near miss I should say .. lol

    Anyway I like to photograph nature and wildlife the most and the best place for that is Sri Lanka. isn’t it?

    About the tallest building; they have closed the observation deck sometimes back I don’t know whether it’s open now.

    PS : There are some opportunities around but I think twice before taking the risk. I don’t even think to take a pic if feel someone will be there in the other side of the wall or building ….LOL

  8. Gosh really? never knew such a rule exists. But ya, commonsense-wise I too know where to snap and where not to. lol Too bad the observation deck's closed. But I'm sure they have good reasons.

    And ya, if it's nature and wildlife there's a huge difference between countries. The most beautiful nature and wildlife rich spots I've seen (while googling) were in New Zealand.. and some isles in Southeast Asia.. I think.

    oh and does that rule apply to deserts too? if not you can snap some camels, desert critters including sidewinders and desert plants and flowers, right? =D

  9. @Harumi

    Hmm ya … but in Sri Lanka we get enough wildlife I guess. Maybe later I can think about New Zealand then .. :D

    Ohhh you are pushing me too much .. lol anyway we might go on a trip within coming weeks. Let’s see what we get then ok =D

    For now check this link

  10. That's cool. =D

    Really? have a great time!

    Thanks for the link and wow.. can't imagine such scorching arid terrains can look that gorgeous. No wonder desert safaris are so popular out there.

  11. It’s not the scenery; it’s just the rollercoaster rides attract people to desert safaris. When you are on the massive sand dunes you can see other vehicles like white ants. Throughout the entire ride you feel that the vehicle is going to tumble all the way down to the bottom (say like 100-200 meters lol. Anyway they have customized the vehicles especially for this kind a rides adding extra bit of iron bars inside)

    One more thing; you have to make sure that your lips are sealed through the entire journey just to avoid the costly interior cleanings too ….. :D