I See You

Aperture : f/5.6; Exposure : 1/60; ISO : 1600; Focal Length : 200mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. oh wooow . .what a shot man . ..

    u r an amazing photographer no doubt . . !!!

  2. wow!how do u take snaps without the interference of reflection from the tank?if possible,plz include the exif data of the snaps u post.

  3. @Duka :

    Thanks machan.


    I did use the maximum focal length (200mm) when the glass is not too clear and it helped to minimize the reflections (cos I was few feet away from the tank). To get the subject well focused I used center focusing and high aperture to blur the surrounding. Again no flash used here too.

    Also I did bit of a tweak in PS to get the image sharper.

    Note: to get the exif please move the cursor over the image. I will do the same for every post hereon. Hope it helps.

  4. Almost like the time has stood still. Great shot!

  5. Hi! Thanks for your concern dear... I'm perfectly alright. Just did not have words for this picture... Hope you too are fine.

  6. Hi Anjana, Thanks for the templates link. Won't getta check it out now as I've received my workload. Bookmarked the site, and will check its templates one by one leisurely.

  7. @Paresh :
    Good to see you back :D

    @Harumi :
    You are welcome dear. Ohh ok. Have a busy week then ... =D