I Will Remember You

Aperture : f/6.3; Exposure : 1/100; ISO : 200; Focal Length : 32mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    I will remember you. Will you remember me?


  1. beautiful..the colour,texture and the 3d feel of the snap!from the spooky forest to the ocean.good.btw,whom does the question come from,the ocean or the guy who walked into it,but didnt return?couldnt see the footprints back to the shore,thats y ;-)

  2. Did that guy who walk towards the ocean, got drowned and died? O__O

    Well it gives that kinda superstitious vibe relating with your caption. =D Great shot! Those golden earthly tones are the best.

  3. @MD
    Thanks. Yeah from spooky forest to the ocean! But I have to go back to the forest pretty soon :D

    Thanks. Hmm should I wait for some more time before giving the answer to your question? =D

    Glad you both like the tone and the color of the snap.

    I know you both are so worried about the guy. But I’m sorry to disappoint you... hehe It’s a Mermaid!

    Hope that explains everything … lol

  4. mermaid has fin-prints,not footprints ;-)

  5. This picture reminds of the story where God walking along with man in his good times & carrying him in his bad times.

  6. @MD
    No no! That’s when they stay in the water. Once they come out they get legs like us.

    Don’t believe me? Then watch this “Aquamarine” trailer =D

    Thanks. That’s a wonderful story and totally different view point as well.