adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view    Anyone see Mary Jane? =D

    PS: Don't know why this pic quality get destroyed after uploading to Picasa.


Heehee... The mid-air kiss too. :P

Anjana said...

ohh really! wish I can see like you buddy ..lol

Harumi said...

That's a cool interpretation. The web looks realistic too.

PS: the quality issue happened to some of my pics too. Dunno how to resolve it though.

Fantasy my dear :-)

that shade reminds me of a woman holding her hands up in air.

Anjana said...

@Harumi : Thanks. About that quality issue, when you upload to Picasa select the largest size in the dropdown menu. That will help you a bit.

@Kichu $ Chinnu : Welcome to my blog and Thanks for the comment.