Beauties & The Beast | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

Canon 400D/Canon 70/300IS USM @ 120mm | 1/400s | f/8 | ISO 100adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Even at this arid land there are some beauties blooming around with pride.

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  1. wow!this is a surprise!who would expect anything but flowers of cactus in a desert?

  2. @Paresh
    Ohh Really? That’s great.

    Thanks. Yes; Even I didn’t expect to see flowers there. It was a very tiny bush and these flowers are not even a cm in width.

  3. Wow.. they do look tiny compared to the size of the twigs. It'll be a treat to the eyes if a whole area gets covered in these tiny blossoms.. esp in the desert.

  4. Thanks Harumi,

    Yeah of course; It will be a great treat to the eyes. But unfortunately that’s not the case here. :D

  5. Isn't it amazing? Lovely, stared at it for a while. You do a great job on these macro shots.


  6. Thanks Me-shak. I’m glad you like it.

    Actually this is the 1st time I had a good outing with my new 70-300mm lens since I bought it few months back. I wanted to test the zoom range over 200mm and see the performance. That’s why I have more close up shots in this series.

  7. Hi Anjana,
    pretty cool pic. I hope this will allow you to better appriciate the beuty back in the Land-Like-No-Other.. ;)

  8. Hi vanilla twilight,
    Thanks a lot for the comment and welcome to my blog.

    Yes pretty much! The place where my heart is belongs =D