Camouflage | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

Canon 400D/Canon 70/300IS USM @ 300 | 1/100s | f/25 | ISO 400adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   If he didn’t move; I was never going to spot him for sure.

   Rewind yourself back to the beginning of “Life at Wasteland”


how wonderful are the tricks of survival!

Cool photo!

Me-shak said...

I guess they never get tired of waiting :D Beautiful picture.


Anjana said...

Yes it is. Thanks for your comment.


Thanks. Yes I guess so too.

Harumi said...

Wow.. beautiful bright tones. That lizard looks quite stunning too. And those grayish white curly tufts on its right, I wonder if it's a snake skin after shedding or a dead snake.

Anjana said...

Thanks Harumi;

Yeah it was a real surprise to see him at that time. No it’s not a snake skin there was a dead plant and these are the dead leafs you see here.

Harumi said...

Wow.. that's some creepy leaves. Wonder if they look like snakes when they're alive. =D

Anjana said...


Hehe you bet! Everything looks creepy here.