Dead Clouds

Aperture : f/11; Exposure : 1/125; ISO : 200; Focal Length : 28mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. Or barren landscape? Good work...

  2. Interesting colors and patterns! where is it?

  3. scorching sun in the middle east?
    this pic makes me want to drink some water.dont you ever get rain there?

  4. That rusty earth tone gives the desert terrain its life. Beautiful contrasts, warm tones on the ground and cool tones on the sky.

    BTW I looked up this cloud pattern and I think it's an altocumulus floccus. You can verify it from this chart here. It's one of the sites I refer daily when updating my sky diary.

  5. @Paresh,
    Thanks, yeah you can say like that too.

    Thanks, this is Qantab Beach @ Muscat.

    Yeah! Scorching sun is something unique in this part of the world. Hmmm.. Drinking more water always a good practice right? You can tell us more about it :)

    Well, I took this snap while we tour Muscat sometimes back. I think Oman is a country you get more rain than the Dubai/UAE. Yep it rains here a lot. Especially in winter, sometimes heavy rains with thunderstorms as well. This year we got rain for continues 3 days even and like most of the times ended up with floods Even I thought I will not get to see rain here. But I was wrong =D

    Thanks for the comment about the pic and thanks for the link as well. Cool I’ll check it leisurely :D