Harsh Patterns | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

Canon 400D/Canon 70/300IS USM @70 | 1/2500s | f/4 | ISO 100adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   There were few dried out mud ponds around the place. It could be due to the rain that has fallen sometimes back.
   But water is essential for all life forms; can (be) life exist without the water in this massive wasteland?

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  1. Love this picture? What lens did you use?


  2. Earth tones in the desert are quite unusual and beautiful.

    Oh and life is not void on almost all parts of the earth, from the sizzling craters of volcanoes to the freezing oceans around Antarctica you can find evidence of life. So I bet there's a bunch of critters lurking stealthily around these arid terrains too. =D

  3. @Me-shak

    Thanks. I used Canon 70-300 IS USM here. Just move your cursor over the image for full exif.


    Thanks. Yes true life exists in every corner of the earth. Speaking which have you seen the “BBC Planet Earth” series? I watched it several time and I’m still amaze with how planet earth beholds its secrets and give protections to unbelievable creatures.

    PS: But in this place (Hatta) I’m still not sure whether we can find life or not. =D

  4. started the series with a bang!the texture looks great,so does the golden colour.ya,water is essential for life.there must be life which can store water till the next rain comes.

  5. @K
    Thanks, Glad you like it.

    Hey Thanks. Hmm you must be referring to a Camel right?

  6. Nope. Never watched it. But ya, I've seen so many alien-like species over Discovery in the good old days. Evolution is the key to all these mysteries. =D