Hey Dude! You See Him?

Aperture : f/5.6; Exposure : 1/100; ISO : 800; Focal Length : 110mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view



scary!!but nice snap.back to the zoo?

Magerata said...

Man, how did you manage to get three of them in one place. Great work

Harumi said...

Almost like clones! Beautiful capture.

Anjana said...


Thanks. Hmm well not really! I’m thinking to mix my posts :)

Thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog. I took this snap in Al Ain zoo and there were few more snakes inside the same glass cage.

Thanks. Ya they all look the same. May be relatives.. :D

Looks like innocent snakes. Am I right? or are they poisonous?

Anjana said...

Yes K, I think they are not poisonous.

aufidius said...

Nice shot!

Anjana said...

Thanks aufidius and welcome to my blog.

nice capture!

Anjana said...

Thanks for the comment Pavithra. Welcome to my blog!