A Quantity Of No Importance | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

Aperture : f/32; Exposure : 1/13sec; ISO : 100; Focal Length : 70mmadjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better viewFinally we went on the much awaited trip to “Hatta” in Dubai. Our plan was to go there in the evening since the heat will be less at the time and also knowing that it’s going to be a 2-3 hours drive to reach the place before the sunset.

But thanks to leaving the city very late; we reached Hatta town around 6pm and the worrying news was we have to travel another 15km into the mountains to find the wadi where we planned to camp down. After a difficult drive on gravel through the mountains at pitch black night (with 2-3 times pushing the vehicle up hill) we came to an end that we felt not to risk driving any further.

All was well until I got up in the morning to witness the above scenery (I wanted to post this pic to show you all what I saw to my naked eye). My first impression was where the hell are we? And second was; what’s there to photograph in this barren landscape? (FYI it was my main idea to come on this trip anyway :)

I know you must be thinking by now; whether I managed to photograph anything other than the pebbles scattered round the ground. Isn’t it?

Well... for that stay tuned for my photo series “Life at wasteland” which will kick off from now onwards =D


  1. love the layers of barren hills and yes,the greenery which stands for hope.awaiting the series ...

  2. You guys camped in there? Awesome. So did you see the sunset? Lovely picture. Looking forward for more. Thanks for dropping by. appreciate it much!


  3. @MD
    Thanks for your feedback. This is the first time I’m going to post a series up front. I need to arrange my pics now and aslo hope that I can put up a good show .. LOL

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment as well.

    Yep, we camped there but didn’t get to see the sunset cos we arrived late in the 1st day and left the place early in the 2nd day.

  4. Wow.. didn't know you get hills out there, except for sand dunes. This place is totally ET, doesn't at all look like a place on earth. An ideal location for a sci-fi movie. =D

    And Wadi is a name I've come across a few times during work, along with Bedouin camps. Did you see some nomads too?

  5. @Harumi

    Yes, there are few places in Dubai we get hills. Like “Hatta” and “Al Ain”. Also you can find hills in other emirates like “Ras Al-Kahimah” and “Fujairah”. There is something common to all these places which is they all are lies near the Oman border. I have visited Oman before and there’s not much of the difference of the hills there and here in Hatta.

    Ahh yes it’s an ideal place for sci-fi movie… :D hmm who knows you might find ET life in this place. :D

    Actually there are few Wadi’s around in Hatta but to reach those places you need FWD vehicles. Unfortunately we went in a car, so eventually we had to leave the Wadi aside. No I didn’t see any nomads and I doubt whether anyone live nomadic lifestyles here in UAE.