Uncertainty | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

Canon 400D/Canon 70/300IS USM @ 300mm | 1/100s | f/5 | ISO 400adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Old and weak..Find food is least possible..No signs of water too..But only the ruthless sun over you..

   Rewind yourself back to the beginning of “Life at Wasteland”


  1. Can't see even a speck of grass that he can eat.

  2. all skin and bones!how does it survive??

  3. @K
    Thanks for the comment. Yes even I didn’t see any grass around.

    Thanks for the comment. He has survived for all these years; so there should be a secret for that.

  4. wonderful series of photos. I just found you'r blog and I like it.
    Is this the normal colour or was it edited?

  5. poor dear (i mean goat) :P
    he seems to be talking to his little ant friend who is sitting under that rock....obviously theres nothing to graze on!!!

  6. @Patali
    Thanks for visiting my blog and also for your wonderful comment.

    Yes this is the normal colour and I did give a small touch in contrast as I do with all my photographs. This bright background I got by over exposing the hard sunlight fallen on to the rocks behind him.

    @ VT
    Thanks dear;


    Yep; he could be talking to an ant friend. You have a great imagination for sure… lol

  7. I can see some Lilliputian grass sparsely covering the terrain. The goat seems to be grazing on them.

    But I never knew goats could survive in the desert. What a harsh life. -__-

    Splendid photo Anjana! This captures one of nature's bitter truths.

  8. Thanks a lot for your comment Harumi,

    I know you have a good eye. Yes there were few dead grasses spread cross the area but this one is checking for something under that small rocks. It could be ant’s but not sure =D

    Yep for sure they will not survive on the sand dunes but among these mountains they can find small bushes around. Of course there should be water somewhere too.

    Thanks again.