The Big Secret | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Did anyone expected to see natural spring water ponds in this barren landscape?

   Even to my surprise it was hiding between these massive mountains and flows for few meters before it gets disappeared in to the
   ground. But it must be running underground by giving a lifeline to those who are struggling survive around the area. Well that’s
   something isn’t it?

   That bright white rock in the middle of the top right image …

   Can you see a small black dot on it? Well, that’s someone very special resting on it and it’s not something to miss especially
   in this wasteland. But to take a closer look of it I need to risk my equipment and get in to the water.

   Hmmm… Now the question is whether I took the risk or not? Anyone can guess? :D

   To view the coloured version of this snap please click on the above B&W image.

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