Going For A Smoke

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Confused about the title? Click on the image to get clear your doubts =D


wonderful pic, the crab poses nicely to your camera. I also like the copper shade of the sand.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment silent moments,

Actually he didn’t give the pose easily as you see here. He moved pretty quickly on the sand (maybe he was in a hurry to have a smoke) and I got lucky to get this shot.. :)

I played with the colour balance and finally ended up with this one ;)

Dee said...


Frieda said...

That's a lovely pictured. You captured him very well even though he was moving quickly...

thats funny!good humour sense :-)saw the smoke.
today someone here asked if i am Indian or Srilankan.sirimao bandaranayage was the first person who used to come to my mind when i think of Srilanka.now you have taken her place!

Anjana said...

@Dee and Frieda,
Thanks a lot for your comments and welcome to my blog.

Wow! I feel like honored and also I’m feeling like a celebrity now …. *blushing* …. =)

Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment. It is something very special to me. Thanks again.

Hope I can show you the beauty of Sri Lanka in my future posts.

Harumi said...

Great hues.. and your model's not bad too doing its own crabwalk. lol

Anjana said...


Thanks. hehe crabwalk that's something new ...lol