It’s Time To Take A Leap | Photo Set - Life At Wasteland

Canon 400D/Canon 70/300IS USM @ 300mm | 1/800s | f/5.6 | ISO 100adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   How to work with selective colors in Photoshop? Check it out at GavTrain.
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  1. Yet another great pic. Thanks for all the tips :)

  2. Thanks K,

    You are welcome and I hope you find the tips are helpful :D

  3. is this from the desert?dont lie;-)
    thanks for introducing's a very useful site.

  4. Thanks for the comment MD,

    No lies here ;). I took this at the same place and you will find the reason to see frogs here very soon :P

    You are welcome MD. I simply love that guy …. LOL

  5. This looks like a photo taken at a dry riverbed than a desert terrain. Cool Photoshopping! Thanks for the link too.

    Also this froggy's skin texture seems a lil unusual, like one of a reptile's. Wonder if it's poisonous.

  6. Thanks Harumi,

    Yes it looks bit different and the skin looks so dry too. I think he got this rough skin to get more protection from the sun.