Looking Up | Photo Set :: Kelaniya Temple

Canon 400D/Canon 18/55 USM @ 18mm | 1/500s | f/16 | ISO 400adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Stupa at Kelaniya temple

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  1. Magnificient angle, the overpowering and majestic aura of the stupa is captured nicely.

    Suggestion; If you took this pic from a point bit more to the right you would have captured the symmetry even better...

  2. Thanks silent moment

    I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. It could have been much better in that way. I was in a hurry to take snaps that day, but I should give more attention to the little details as your suggestion.

    Thanks again and I’m always open for your valuable critics =D

  3. hey,
    thanks for the link to the history of the temple.i was about to ask you to add a note.more of Sri Lanka, please!

  4. @K
    Thanks for the comment.

    Thanks and glad you find the link helpful. Yep, form here onwards 99.9% of things going to be pure Sri Lankan. I’m here to stay.. =D

  5. I couldn't guess this was Kelaniya temple. The angle makes it appear quite different and unique. But it's sad to see the stupa weather worn this much.

    PS: if not for that tinge of blue on the sky (towards right) the photo almost looks like a sepia toned one. Great snap!

  6. HI Harumi,

    Thanks a lot for the comment. I was very close to the stupa while I was taking the pic and that’s why it looks this different.

    Yes, but I guess by the time of Kalani perahara( pageant) they will give it a colour wash :D

    Since I used high ISO I think I got this sepia kind a tone.