Backed By Two

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. wow! a killer :D
    one asks "could photography get any better?" and you come up with a better one the very next day :)

  2. Lovely. I love how the color changes can give a totally new affect to the picture. Looking forward for more.


  3. Please persist with capturing such beauty. You give the viewer a meditative experience by changing the angle of the same object :-)

  4. that's a wonderful experience,anjana.very creative too,like a photography lesson.keep the good work going!!waiting for more...

  5. @silent moments;
    Thanks you for your wonderful comment.

    Really is it a killer? =D well even I think this is the best shot from the rest ;)

    Thanks for the comment mate. Glad you like the effects that I’m trying to achieve with my photography.

    Thanks you sir, highly appreciated your comprehensive comments :)

    Thanks mate.

    Thanks for the comment. Yep! I’ll try my best to show you the best that I can find in my home garden.

    Welcome for my blog and Thanks for the comment. It’s always a wonderful feeling to see a new face around =D

  6. Wow. I wouldn't mind hanging this in my house. It's gorgeous.

  7. Seasaw; Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Please go ahead :D … I’m happy to know it’s going to hang in your house =D

  8. Splendid sequel! The green to black shades add a new meaning and depth.

    How about printing your garden shots and selling them out? =D

  9. Thanks Harumi;

    hmm thats a good idea. Not about selling at least to print and hang it on my wall :)