Different Perspective

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. Brinjal. Not a favorite. But, eat when ma cooks it. :-)

  2. @Paresh,
    Same here …lol

    Not me… but my mum does :) there are few more different plants too. I’ll try to get some pics later ;)

  3. I like the way you have segmented the pic.

    Suggestion; Try uneven segments too, with the main subject in a smaller segment.I guess that would balance out the focus of the pic...

    Just one of my weired hypothesis...never tried

  4. Smexy! Love the contrasting colors. Love how you have focused it.


  5. @Silent,
    Thanks for the comment and for the suggestion.

    I think I got what you are trying to say

    But first I would love to see a example form you =D

    Thanks for the comment bro,

    Longtime no see :D

  6. nice colour did u make it in segments?pls share.and this brinjal needs more manure :-)

  7. In Photoshop

    I used rectangle marquee tool (M) to select the areas that I wanted to create new layers.

    Then I created separate layers by copy and paste the selected area. In this case three separate selections.

    Then I added white boarder to each of the layer (in the main menu, Edit >> Stroke)

    PS: I used a black background layer and arranged the other layers on it.

    Hope this helps. If you need more details please do let me know. I might be able to mail with more clear examples.

  8. Nice plant shots.. bright and vivid.