How Do I Look?

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


Me-shak said...

Wow,Lovely. I guess there was no tripod around :)



Lovely creature! Top shot!

Frieda said...

You look stunningly beautiful.
What a wonderful shot!

beautiful!!!how did u make the background white?

Picture Perfect! Literally :)
It looks like a did u get that effect?

Anjana said...

Thanks mate.

Yep, I didn’t use the tripod: D .Image is not that sharp isn’t it?

@Paresh ,K, Frieda,
Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

Thanks. That’s the front wall of my house :D

Thanks for the comment.

That’s the exposure I got for this shot.

Hmm maybe it could be a Canon effect ..=D

Harumi said...

Wow.. a gorgeous Monarch! Excellent capture.

Anjana said...

Thanks Harumi for the comment and also for giving the name of it :D

Harumi said...

oh but it's the only butterfly I've known by name! lol

Anjana said...

hehe really? cool .. =D