Odd Place To Be

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Original shot and no post processing is done. What you see behind is the backyard wall.

   I have three snaps to share. Hope you all gonna like it ;)


  1. Unbelievable, specially considering that it is straight out of camera.
    So much beauty within its simplicity.

  2. Lovely. I'm really liking these effects you are giving your pictures. Keep em coming :)


  3. Quite unique and takes one by surprise!

    I like the fresh element in your photography cos you never take the beaten path...

  4. no words!!what a combination!!i think ur imagination has taken a big leap after you landed in srilanka.

  5. @SACHIRA;
    Thanks for the comment Bro.

    Glad you like it mate and thanks for your wonderful comments as always.

    @silent moments;
    Thanks for your encouraging words.

    I like to snap nature and wildlife too..but unfortunately still I didn’t get a chance to hit the road :D

    Thanks mate.

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

    Ya maybe! I had to dig myself deep in to find photography opportunities where I was before. So I think still I’m in the same mode to arrange things by myself and shoot them

    I should step out form my home garden really soon … :D

  6. hey no!your snaps from the garden are very good.stay in the home garden for some more time :-).what i meant was that your snaps are more creative and beautiful after u landed in Sri Lanka.Your snaps are always good.

  7. No MD, I will not go away from it like that =D after all it’s my own backyard and I can’t stay out of it ha? :)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment as always. Hope that I can get more from my home garden to share with you :D

  8. Wow.. and this is a natural shot with no editing.. so beautiful!

  9. @harumi
    Thanks for your wondeful comment