Pride Or Anger?

Canon 400D/Canon 70/300 IS USM @ 300mm | 1/400s | f/5.6 | ISO 200adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


Obviously pride :)


Pride :)

Anjana said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Good observation of how things seen by males and females …. LoL

irritated on being snapped?

Anjana said...

You got it correct … lol

Harumi said...

I bet it's curiosity. They kinda tilt their heads when they're on inquisitive-mode. Even chipmunks do that. or maybe I'm dead wrong. lol

Anjana said...

Thanks Harumi,

hmmm I guess you are dead right ... lol

well photographs are lovely...& it reminders me beautiful drawings.... Stunning work machan....

Anjana said...

Hi Tony;
Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment and for your time machan.

It’s always a nice feeling to see a new follower :) I’m glad that you like my photography too.

See you around.