You & Me

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   I want to hold your hand and walk down the street. But between you and me there is a ………


  1. great blog you got here! nice pic also

  2. ...there is a lief :)

    Usually a something like the lief in the picture that runs from top right to bottom center would disturb the eye. But here it is everything, adds so much to it. Lovely!

  3. @emak;
    Thanks for dropping by and also for the comment.

    Even after all the trouble they were smiling. I noticed it too :D

    Thanks for the comment.

    Thanks for the comment buddy.

    Yeh the leaf! lol …. It gave me a real hard time to snap those cute flowers by coming in-between them. So I thought to give the leaf some attention cos he pushed me lil more than that I would like …. :D

    You know who did it … =D

    Thanks for the comment K.

  4. wow!the leaf between the flowers adds to the beauty of the pic.

  5. Lovely pic, and lovely interpretation!

  6. lovely pic and unique interpretation!
    If you can remember i posted pics of the same flower (along with a bug), but yours look much nicer.. :)

  7. I'm really liking the pictures these days. Excellent macros Anjana. The composition is really good. Looking forward for more.


  8. I dont know any english word for sinhala word "Patta" :-)

  9. @md;
    Thanks for your comment.


    Thank you for the comment and welcome to my blog.

    @silent moments;
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, I can remember it very well. But in your pics you were concentrated on the butterfly not the flowers. So if you take the flowers I know it will look better than mine;)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment mate.

    Thanks for your “patta” comment mate. lol

  10. Wonderful shot and what a gorgeous flower! That pinkish purple or purplish pink is really nice.