Bend It Like Ahatulla

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [Ahatulla / Assgulla / Ahatulla Nasuta]


Fantastic shot! How far were you from the snake while taking the picture?

This is a pro job, man!

Aww, she knows how to flaunt her

Great shot and thanks for risking your eyes to share this pic with us :D

Frieda said...

That picture is stunning, I am in complete awe. Congratulations!

hey,where did u take this pic?fantastic job!am scared of snakes!!

SACHIRA said...

This either show your patience to wait for the right moment, or you are a real lucky person :) simply marvelous!

Anjana said...

Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

Hmm about 4-5 feet’s away from it. He/she is a very small fellow; not even 3 feet’s from length I guess.

Really ! you think so bro? thanks :D

Yeah! She sure does! like most of them … :P

No risk at all cos my left eye was closed all the time and on my right I had my cam for protection .. lol

I think they got this name just bcos the look of their eyes; not just bcos they attack your eyes … =D

I’m glad that you like it.

I took this at Sinharaja rainforest. I’m back with that series after a short break by visiting my home garden :D

Hehe don’t be! they are harmless :D

Actually our guide spotted it at first place. Without him I think none of us will get to spot this tiny fellow : D.

I saw others snapping out something like crazy from a distance and once I reached to it he gave me few mins to take few shot and got disappeared in to the wild. In that case I guess I was lucky alright … =D

Me-shak said...

These are those pictures that makes you go "Machan!" Lovely picture. Like the action and the shades of green. looking forward for more.


lovely shot. i love the brightness!

Anjana said...

Thanks a lot for your comment bro.

Thanks for your comment. Glad that you liked it!

Jeevan said...

Wow! awesome capture man

Harumi said...

It sure knows how to pose.. =D This is indeed risky but makes the pic all the more worthy.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog

Thanks. It's not risky at all. What we hear from our grandparents are nothing other than some fabricated stories :D