Fired Up & Ready To Go

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [ Newsflash ] Heading to Sinharaja tonight ...... =D



perfect!!how do the tyres appear broken?

Me-shak said...

Lovely! I think the reflection on the road makes good composition! Really, excellent job. Looking forward for more!


lovely! I hope you wont mind me posting a link to this ;)

hey ,forgot to mention about the that water on the ground?

Frieda said...

Beautiful! Very impressive...


Hope you'll show us some fantastic photos when you get back from Sinharaja!

Anjana said...

Thanks for the comment mate.

Thanks for the comment. It’s just bcos I have used a long exposure and he has moved to a different location while the shot is firing.

Thanks mate. appreciates your lovely comment.

Thanks for the comment. Ya absolutely no worries :D

Yes ;it was just after a rain

Thanks for your lovely comment.

Thanks for the comment mate.

Yep ; definitely I will share all the pics with you guys =D

Harumi said...

Absolutely stunning! They look like frozen fires. Beautiful reflections too.

Anjana said...

thank you for your comment Harumi