හන්තානට පායන සද | Hanthanata Payana Sadha

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   හන්තානට පායන සද
   ලස්සනයිද කියන්න
   මා නොදකින ඒ පුර හද
   ඔබට හැකිය දකින්න ... //

   අදුර ගලා වහිනා කල
   සරසවි බිම තෙමෙන්න
   කුඩේ යටින් ඔබ යනකල
   එපා තනිය දනෙන්න...

   ලතමඩුලු අත වනාවි
   එපා අහක බලන්න
   මා ගැන මතකය ගුලිකර
   මහාවැලියට දමන්න...

   ගායනය : අමරසිරි පීරිස්


  1. A brilliant zoom! 'How much X' zoom is it? (I'm a bit ignorant about zooming stuff by the way)

  2. wow!the moon appears so near,like half an idli.
    translate the poem,plz.

  3. I agree with Monsoon Dreams. It looks like a half an idli :D

  4. Got idli in SriLanka too?I thought it's an exclusively south Indian dish!

  5. lovely pic and song!
    I think I have a post of the moon in the same phase too...but its not as crisp as this one.
    I guess this was taken around 6 in the morning, right?

  6. Fantastic, with great details on the moon!

  7. Wow.. can see the craters so well!

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    Tell you the truth I’m bit confuse about this X factor as well. It says 70-300mm lens got 4.3x zoom; which I don’t think will be the same case as in the point and shoot cameras.

    Thanks for the comment. Hehe! Ya I looks like a half an idli :D and yes it’s not an Sri Lankan dish , but I know there are lot of Indian restaurants around here in Sri Lanka.

    Thanks for the comment mate.

    Thanks for your comment. No I took this shot around 5.30 in the evening =D

    Thanks for your comment.

    Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for your comment.

    Thanks for the comment. Yep it does. But I would love to take a snap in a full moon poya day =D