Morning Delight

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view


  1. WOW, Jaw touching the ground. Lovely Anjana. Super macro work. I really like the detail. Looking forward for more.


  2. How did u get it so sharp?i think it's time for you to take up a job in photography :-)

    havent you been going to work?

  3. My goodnes.. What precision, what sharpness... can see each finest detail of the object..
    Congrats and Well done..!

  4. Love the picture as well as the topic :)

  5. @me-shak;
    Thanks for your jaw touching comment mate

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I got this sharpness and the details due to the good light that I got at the time of clicking. I managed to go for 1/500s shutter speed which did the trick.

    Yes I would love the take photography as my profession. But need to check how much it’s going to be fit in my pocket …. lol

    Nop! I’m still enjoying my break …. Hehe

    Welcome to my blog!

    Thanks for your time and for your lovely comment. I went through your blog and I must say your photography is awesome too.

    Thanks mate. Glad that you like it.

  6. Very sharp and detailed. The blurred (fern) leaf adds a nice touch to the pic.
    But the dragonfly looks sad because his name was not mentioned :D

  7. Thanks for the comment silent;

    Ohh !is he? =D I tried my best to get the name of it but I didn’t find anything matching with this one. If you know the name of it please do let me know.

  8. That stunning green backdrop makes the critter look more animated. And like others have said, the sharpness and detail are fabulous!

  9. Hello Anjana!
    Thanks for inviting me to identify this. And by doing that, introducing your lovely blog. I am very sorry I took long to drop by. I was away from computers for quite a while; hence the delay.

    Your dragonfly is a female Dawn Dropwing aka. Crimson Dropwing Trithemis aurora aurora. (The former English name is the most widely used one in its range.)

    I am very familiar with this species as it breeds in my dragonfly pond.

  10. Hi Gallicissa,

    Thank you so much for spending your valuable time to visiting my blog and more thanks for accepting my request.

    I looked all over the internet to get the identity of this dragonfly and I couldn’t find any reliable recourse with some snaps (that’s the only way I know

    I guess I totally screwed up when reading your post. I had another look and now I get it :D

    Thanks for the enlightenment of this lesser mortal .. :D