Mr. Handsome

by - Wednesday, September 08, 2010

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [Sri Lankan Kangaroo Lizard/Pinum Katussa(Otocryptis weigmanni) - Male]

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  1. truly handsome!!and he seems to know it too.

  2. He is very handsome! That bluish color makes him very attractive..almost pandoran :)

  3. Not only handsome but looks intelligent too. He reminds me of a dinosaur. Now what was it called, I think it's Troodon.

  4. the much anticipated appearence! :D
    lovely colours. That black and green pattern would look cute in a saree :)

  5. This is bloody brilliant :D I love the macro focus. even the detail of Hansom's eye can be seen :D Just Brilliant!


  6. @md;
    Thanks for your comment. Yes! that’s what I told you that she’s looking at this handsome guy .. lol

    Thanks for your comment. Ohh cool! Then it must be a familiar site for you … :D

    Thanks for the comment. Yep it reminds us dinosaurs and ya these guys walk like Troodon I guess.

    Thanks for your comment. Hope I didn’t disappoint you.. lol. Ahh thanks for tip I should meet up with a saree designer then. =D

    Thanks for the comment mate. glad you all find him handsome ;)

    Thanks mate. ya hey got some very attractive color combination for sure

  7. but both seem to be suspicious about each other!deja vu?

  8. ahh! then that could be the reason MD ... :)

  9. What a beautiful animal! You captured it very well.

  10. Excellent shot! The color combo of the lichens, the bark and the lil fella's camouflage.. are simply awesome!

  11. @frieda;
    Thanks for your wonderful comment.

    Thanks for the comment. Yes; yet another marvelous creation of nature.