adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [ Nephila pilipes is a species of golden orb-web spider]


  1. nice! btw do you know this spider's name?
    I have a pic of the same spider taken in my home garden last week :) but its not pretty as yours.

  2. Amazing how you have captured the those delicate strands of her web. Gonna try and do it too :)
    Is she poisonous?

  3. i appreciate your patience...and your patience can definitely take up photography as profession.

  4. Excellent captures. Think this is the guy

  5. @silent;
    Thanks for the comment.

    Name found and updated with the help of K =D. ohh cool! I knew these spiders are common in home gardens. I would love to see your snap too.

    Thanks for the lovely comment. Great! Hope we can see the results near future then :). Nope I think they are not poisonous.

    Thanks for the comment; Yes it takes lot of patience to take wildlife photography. I had a good training session at Sinharaja while observing how pros do it. Actually I took these pics in different locations not at the same spot ;)

    Hmm yeah! But for now I love to take this as my hobby :D

    Thanks for the comment. Yep! I think that’s our guy. Thanks for the link mate.

  6. WOW! Super macro work Anjana. Really impressed. Looking forward for more. Thanks for sharing.


  7. As always thanks for your lovely comment Me-shak.

  8. I think if I see these guys too often I'm gonna cure my arachnophobia in no time. =D

    Excellent macros Anjana!

  9. Thanks for the comment Harumi.

    Glad that it helps you ... lol