Breakfast At Tiffany’s

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   And life goes on …


to me it looks like a very romantic interracial love affair ;-)
you filthy voyeur !

btw,i like your copyright logo.beautiful!

Welcome back :)

Anjana said...

Ohh my!!! lol …. So now I’m the filthy voyeur ha? hehe

I have real romantic love making pics but now I have to think twice before I post them. Cos I don’t know what you will call me next … :P

Cool glad you like the copyright logo. Is it too big or a distraction for your view?

Thanks bro =D

Excellent capture!

Anjana said...

thanks for your comment K.

yeah,voyeur!why did u disturb smooching lovers?too bad.
Yeah,i too have romantic snaps but can't post for fear of losing my name ;-)
But you may post them,coz u have already lost your name.
Copyright logo is good for this snap.Not sure if it will be a distraction in snaps with lighter colors.If u have a kid's snap and the logo comes right on his cheek,yeah,that would be a distraction.may be you can change the site of the logo then,right?did i confuse you?good,i wanted to,coz i am already confused.

Anjana said...

Thanks a bunch for you wonderful feedback :D

Haha! Ok then I’ll try to post them in near future. Hope now one will sue me then … lol

Yeah! I’m confused; but I guess I got what you are trying to say =D Yep, I will change the opacity of the logo to suite with the snap itself.

Harumi said...

Wow.. perfect clarity and a great shot! Cool logo too. You oughtta have used it right from the start. =D

Anjana said...

Thanks Harumi,

ahh great! yep I'm going to appy the logo to all my snaps hereon :D