adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Common Green Forest Lizard [Calotes calotes]


  1. That is a super clear shot. So close. Reminds me T-Rex. :)

  2. Why do u need another job?Take up photography,I'm serious.

  3. Wow.. what an exquisite capture! Clarity, fineness, details and colors make it all the more spellbinding.

  4. PS: in response to your request, here's my picks.

    1. Calmness
    2. Bend it like Ahatulla
    3. The grip
    4. Prey
    5. Every time you go away
    6. Hump Snout

    These photos make the most impact compared to the rest in the series. BTW how about making a poll so you could get everyone's opinion on this. I bet that'll be even more interesting as they'd come up with different choices. You could then choose what's best among the best.

  5. One of the best macro pics Ive seen lately !
    congrats !
    Yeah, why not get in to professional photography...assuming that you are not already :) (like that guy in Three idiots...hehe)
    whats is this poll thats going on...Seems ive missed out a lot !

  6. @MD;
    Thanks for your lovely comment. Hmmm well, I love to take up photography as my profession. Who knows let’s wait and see … =D

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment. Special thanks for spending your time to go through my snaps and come up with this list.

    Ahh that’s a good idea! Let me think about it 1st =D

    Thanks for your comment. Hehe ya I would love to be a photographer and hit the wild than sitting in front of a computer everyday …lol (anyway you called me an idiot ha? hehe)

    About the poll…. Harumi was suggesting me to submit few snaps to National geographic site just to see how they will react on them ;) so we are in a process to indentify which snaps that I should send. You all are most welcome to join in too…. :D

  7. What a breathtaking picture!
    It is amazing how you captured this beautiful animal...