Everytime You Go Away

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Everytime you go take a piece of me with you


  1. Nice shot and even better 'wording' :)

  2. You a closeted poet? :P Visually & verbally... :-)

  3. literally!!i can see the flower disappear in pieces .

  4. this is what you could call image poetry! I usually am not one to check out photography because it seems EVERYONE wants to show off their pics, but yours I love :-)Must be because you take the time and care, and you work with nature. It's not something we get to see enough of.

  5. Pretty flower and a nasty looking bug :)
    wonderful pic and nice song too ..
    sorry for not visiting for a while :)

  6. What a fantastic picture!! And the word are very well suited :-)

  7. @K;
    Thanks bro

    Thanks for the comment. no I’m not a poet.. that’s 100% sure …lol …but the visual part, ok you can say 50% ..hehe

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, Flower is almost dead now

    Thanks for your lovely comment. For a min I was like oppss ..until I read the part that you love my spans …hehe . thanks again and I’ll try my best to show you the nature as how I see it(in a simple way).

    Hey, It’s so great to see you back. How are things with you?

    Yes , I got this line from the song “Everytime You Go Away - by Paul Young”

    No worries at all. Bcos we all knew that you will be away for a while. Hope that you will get back with your blog soon :D

    Thanks for your comment.

    **Thank you all for your lovely comments and visiting my blog**

  8. Beautiful! It's both touching and amusing, the contrast of pictorial and verbal interpretations. Getting philosophically poetic? =D

  9. Thanks for your interesting comment =D

    Ya I am ….. (I’m just kidding ok :P)

  10. Wow.... I love your words here.. "Everytime you go take a piece of me with you". And that's fitting so well here :)