Hump Snout

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Hump-snout Lizard/Lyriocephalus scutatus (Female)


  1. what a great capture of this beautiful animal. Amazing!

  2. WOW! I love the shades of green on the little fella! Lovely work, I'm not surprised it's coming form you!

    Also, really sorry for not commenting on any of the recent posts! Was crazy busy man!


  3. ISO 1600 and no grains!did u use a tripod?
    reveal the secrets,pleaseeeee!

  4. What a capture! I have never seen this creature with my naked eyes.

  5. @frieda;
    Thanks for your comment.

    Cool :)

    Ohhh! Call a doc soon … :D

    Thanks bro. good to see you back. Ahh! No worries! I know that you are really busy with something now … lol

    Hmmm …. There’s no secret in this capture at all =D

    I used high ISO just to get a good enough shutter speed to minimize the cam shake. No, this is a handheld shot.

    There’s some noise in this pic. But it’s not that much visible on the creature I guess :D

    Thanks bro.

    Ohh really! Cool … Looks like that I have beaten a senior hiker then … :D

    **Thanks all for your comments and of course for giving your valuable time to visit my blog ;)

  6. A mini Jurassic Park encounter! =D Never knew cameras could reveal the beauty of such elusive beings so well. This lil guy is gorgeous!

    PS: How about sending some of your best works to this?

  7. Thanks for the comment Harumi,

    There is one more shot I bet you gonna love it (you have to wait for a while to see it though ..hehe)

    Hey thanks a lot for the link. Ok. Check all my pics from the Sinharaja series (I got few more to post as well) and let me know which one is the best. I’ll try to send it then … =D

  8. Yep, think I saw it already. And wait, shouldn't you - the photographer - know what's best? I'm no good at technical stuff, I can only admire the aesthetics. =D

    Anyway I'll try and pick some too, and of course there's way more than 1 you could send. =D

  9. Thank you so much for your comment Harumi,

    Well!!! I’m not that good in technical stuff as well. Only thing that I know is lil bit of the way around my cam settings =D

    Actually I like to pick something unique from the rest. Something that you will not come to see everyday like the lighting or the conditions it’s in etc. let’s keep our fingers crossed then=D

  10. Unbelievable,all your photos,truly wonderful!

  11. Hi Amila,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Thank you so much for lovely comment. I really appreciate it.