adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   It’s time to say goodbye! Hope you will remember me forever . . .

   [Sri lanka keelback water snake]


Frieda said...

What a fascinating picture!
I keep on wondering how you manage to find all these animals and to take such great pictures of them...

O my!I'm scared of snakes.But i had one in my kitchen for one whole day,i just saw its shed skin,didnt look up to see the guy on the door.Packed it in a bag and let it free among the trees.
How near did u go to take this pic?

Is it diya bariya or diya naya?

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments Frieda, MD and K

I found all these animals by spending a day at Sinaharaja Rain forest :D

I was like 4-5 meters away from it. He is a very tiny snake when comparing to this close up =D

As they told me it is diya naya. Btw what’s the difference between diya naya and diya bariya? :D

Think both names are used for same snake. I also not sure..

lovely shot !
tinge of its eye adds to the fierceness ...

Anjana said...

Thanks mate.ya, looks like it's the same snake :)

Thanks for your comment :)

Harumi said...

Only Tikiriliya is missing. =D Classic piece of work once again! And venomous or not, this one has a deadly glare. -__-

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment Harumi,

Hehe yes, Tikiriliya lidata giya …. lol