A Walk To Remember

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   I'll always remember... it was late afternoon
   It lasted forever, but ended so soon.

   Song : Mandy Moore - A Walk To Remember


  1. so if the bird touches both the lines it gets fried right? With that in mind, the Walk to Remember lines are scary..! Nice picture.

  2. If it is telephone wire not so bad..:)

    Nice capture!

  3. was he safe?instead of making it fly,u took snaps?u cruel fellow! just kidding ;-)

  4. Thats a pretty bird pose and the shaded sky adds to the image
    Great stuff as always !

  5. Thanks for your comments Bliss, K, MD and Silent.

    Ohh! Don’t worry my friends =D those too wires are far away from each other. Since the angle I took the shot it gives you this scary feeling … lol (and I expected comments like this while I post it ..;)

    Hope you all feeling good now … :P

  6. Indeed a very tricky shot that gives off a scary vibe.. like the birdie has put its life on the line.. to walk on the line. Glad to know he's fine. ^__^

  7. Thanks for the comment Harumi,

    Hehe ya! I hope he is doing fine ;)