Yeppi!! I'm ONE

by - Thursday, November 18, 2010

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Link to My Little Angel

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  1. soooo cute!!!!Now you have a model at home!

  2. Cute photo! She is posing for daddy..

    Wishing her a fabulous birthday!

    Mine is still six months old :)

  3. wow!her one-day old snap is so beautiful!May God bless her with a wonderful life.

  4. Simply angelic...
    Its not just the cuteness, she looks very intelligent and thoughtful too..
    My blessings on her first step in life !

  5. Thanks for your wishes aunty MD, uncle K and aunty Silent =D

    Yes, I have a model at home but the only prob is keeping her steady for a min to take a pic …lol

    Ya, I can remember about the post. She will be 1 in no time then :D

    Yep, she is very intelligent and you know from where she got it ha? hehe

  6. Aww.. so cute. Good to see lil Angel after a long time. Wish her a very happy belated birthday! ^__^