Calm Before The Storm

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [Black-hooded Oriole, Oriolus xanthornus, Kaha Kurulla]

   Location : Home Garden



What a beautiful bird! colours are gorgeous.. a pleasure:)

It feels like nature has gifted this colour-corrected frame to you. :-)

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments K, Deje and Paresh.

Yes, but I had to hunt for 1 hour and also to shoot more than 100 shots for this frame. It was not that easily gifted in that case … lol

Frieda said...

That's a beautiful bird. The picture was well worth the waiting :-)

Congrats! This is one of the bird that I find hardest to capture. I envy you! :-)

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes it is :D

Thanks machan. Agree! I tried snapping it for couple of days and finally I got a chance to freeze a few moments as you see in my next post as well. ;)

Highly appreciate your comments guys! Thanks again.

great capture!
very crispy pic

They don't simply say perseverance pays. :D

Anjana said...

Thank you so much.

Yes yes :D