Reaching For You

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   I’m reeeeaching for you... still

   [Sri Lankan Kangaroo Lizard/Pinum Katussa(Otocryptis Weigmanni) - Female]
   Location : Sinharaja Forest Reserve


Wow! You'd try your luck as a pro :-)

Looks like a 'katusu patiya'

Netra said...

Wow.... love the composition and lighting!

Anjana said...

Thanks for the comments Paresh, K and Netra.

Ok, let me give a try then ;)

Yes, it’s a katusu patiya :D

perfect moment!love the title too.why did her boyfriend run away ?

Frieda said...

That's a fantastic picture!

love the effect of the sun coming from above and behind the subject.
bytheway what is this katusu patiya reaching for ? Mommy ? :)

Anjana said...

Thanks for the comment. It’s not she. It’s he :D

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for the comment. I used the flash here :D
Nop, he’s reaching for his gf .. ;)

hey c'mon!right under the snap u have written it's a female! ;-)

Anjana said...

Opppssiii !!!!!!!!!!! haha .. ok then it’s SHE not HE … :D